Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I apply for a job at Health Sciences North (HSN)?

- Search for a job by using the search bar or navigating to Career or Volunteer Opportunities

- Review the job posting and if applicable, click on 'Apply now'

- Log-in to your candidate profile, or create a new profile using your e-mail and setting a password

- Complete your profile information and Job-Specific Information and click on 'Apply' to submit your application

- Note - you will only need to complete your Candidate Profile information once, however you will be required to complete the 'Job-Specific Information' for each job posting that you would like to apply for

2) How do I know if I have successfully applied for a job?

Once you submit your application you will receive an email notification that the application was received. Note: The email notification may end up in your junk mail. 

3) What if I have difficulties applying for a job?

Contact Human Resources prior to the competition closing date by calling 705-523-7100 ext. 7013. If you do not contact Human Resources while the competition is open, your application will not be included in the competition.

4) Does HSN keep resumes on file?

HSN does not retain resumes following a job competition. If you are interested in an opportunity you are encouraged to review current online job openings and apply to any of interest that match your qualifications

5) I missed the deadline for the job I am interested in. Are applications accepted after the posting has closed?

Applications are not accepted if they are submitted after the deadline. The posting is open to applicants when it is posted on the Careers Website.

6) Can I drop my resume at the Human Resources office?

Applications for HSN positions are only accepted online via the HSN Careers page.

We do not accept hand delivered or emailed applications. All applications must be made through the online posted position.

7) What does Internal Job Opportunities mean?

The positions posted on this board are for existing HSN employees only. Any applicant who is not an HSN employee or applicants who have applied to a position where they are not a member of the position’s Union will not be considered. Exception: CUPE CLERICAL and CUPE SERVICE applicants for CUPE positions will have their names on the posting results but will only be considered after applicants in the posted CUPE Affiliation have been considered.

8) When are Summer Student Opportunities posted?

Summer student opportunities are posted during the month of April. Continue to check the Careers website weekly for positions.

9) How do I submit an application to volunteer at Health Sciences North?

Information about volunteer opportunities can be found on the Volunteers page of the HSN Careers Website.

Health Sciences North is committed to providing accommodations to applicants with disabilities to enable their participation in the recruitment, assessment, selection and hiring stages of employment.

If you would like any information from our website provided to you in a format more appropriate to your needs, please call us at 705–523–7100 or email us at